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Some Notes on My Practice & Process

I’ve been thinking about the tension between providing a service and creating art, of which there is great overlap in the tattoo industry. Going forward, I will be practicing more slowness when making agreements around bookings and design.

One tangible way this will show up is in my decision to book exclusively through my mailing list from now on. Having this container around communication will allow me to be more organized in connecting with clients and their design ideas. I am selective about which pieces I say “yes” to. I will be prioritizing projects that align with my creative spirit and fit most with my strengths and passions as an artist. If you receive a “no” from me, please understand that it isn’t personal.

Tattoos are inherently collaborative, and I find it important to prioritize balance and trust in this process. I want my practice to be attractive and accessible to folks who experience different kinds of marginalization from me. People of Color, Women, and non-Men, and anyone of Size, are often underrepresented in the tattoo industry. People deserve a feeling of trust and security when having their bodies impacted by another person, and it is my desire and intention to earn that trust and participate in that security. If you feel this conversation is relevant to you, please don’t hesitate to bring it up in your booking submission form.

I have devoted my life to art, and because of the privileges afforded to me, I have access to making it my career. It is an absolute dream come true. I am humbled by my community and grateful to feel supported and encouraged as an artist.

Thank you,