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Currently the only way to book for a tattoo is by responding to my booking newsletters. These emails are sent out 2-4 times/year and provide you with an opportunity to claim original designs by me, as well as a chance to apply for a custom design. I am selective about which proposals I say “yes” to. I prioritize projects that align with my creative vision, and fit best with my strengths and passions as an artist. If you receive a “no” from me, please understand that it is not personal. 

I strive to offer a practice that is safe, inclusive, and informed. I want you to feel comfortable, welcome and heard throughout the process. People of Color, women and non-men, trans folks, and anyone of size are so often underrepresented in mainstream tattoo culture. Know that you are welcome here.

I have devoted my life to art, and because of the privileges afforded to me, I have access to making it my career. It is an absolute dream come true. I am humbled by my community and grateful to feel supported and encouraged as and artist.

Thank you,